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    我喜爱的老师——吴老师作文|我喜爱的老师——吴老师 英语作文


    我的数学老师——吴老师学校大扫除作文,瘦瘦的身材高中作文,乌黑的头发,浓眉大眼,平易近人。My math teacher, Mr. Wu, has a thin body, dark hair, thick eyebrows and big eyes, and is approachable.吴老师上课认真,板书清楚,同学们都喜欢上数学课。有一次,他讲除法问题,他说:有24个梨平均一人分4个梨,能分几个人?”王同学举手说:能分七个人,”老师点点头笑着在黑板上画上24个梨,这时小王才知道错了。Mr. Wu is serious in class and clear in blackboard writing. All the students like to have math class. Once, when he talked about division, he said, "24 pears are divided into 4 pears on average. How many pears can be divided?" Wang raised his hand and said, "there are seven people." the teacher nodded and smiled and drew 24 pears on the blackboard. Then Xiao Wang knew that he was wrong.记得还有一次,一个同学生病了,缺了好几天课,后来他来到学校,吴老师为了尽快让他赶上同学们的学习,每天放学以后,吴老师便孜孜不倦和他补课,毫无怨言学校大扫除作文,一个星期以后,在老师的辅导下,他终于赶上了同学。I remember another time when the same student was ill and missed classes for several days. Later, he came to school. In order to catch up with his classmates as soon as possible, Mr. Wu worked tirelessly to make up lessons with him every day after school without any complaints. A week later, with the help of his teacher, he finally caught up with his classmates.你看我的老师好不好?他真是我们心目中喜爱的好老师。Do you think my teacher is good? He is really a good teacher in our mind
    学校大扫除作文 初中游记作文 我爱家乡的作文

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