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    春天来了作文|春天来了 英语作文


    星期天的早晨初中作文关于军训的作文,我们小朋友早早起床关于军训的作文,冲出家门,去寻找春天。On Sunday morning, our children get up early and rush out of the house to look for spring.我们走啊,走啊。我们来到了田野,看见了小草从地下悄悄的探出了脑袋,树木也吐出了点点嫩芽儿。小燕子在天空唧唧喳喳的叫着,解冻的小溪叮叮咚咚的流着。花红柳绿关于军训的作文,美丽的春姑娘已经来到了人间。Let\s go, let\s go. We came to the field, saw the grass from the ground quietly out of the head, the trees also spit out a little bit of buds. The little swallow chirped in the sky, and the thawing stream tinkled. The flowers are red and the willows are green. The beautiful spring girl has come to the world
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