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    中考英语作文范文:1.My view on school uniform

    At our school , we have to wear uniforms every day. The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly. We think young people should look smart and so we would like to wear our own clothes. Our teachers believe that if we did that. We would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies. We disagree. We should feel more comfortable and thate is good for studying. If we can’t do that, we should be allowed to design our own uniforms. We also think everyone should be different from others. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy.

    中考英语作文范文:2. My opinions on volunteering

    We are middle school students and we are busy with our lessons. So some people think we should concentrate more on our studies. If we volunteer to help others, it’s a waste of time. But I think volunteering is great. I not only feel good about helping others but also get to spend time doing what I love to do. And from volunteering I have learned many things that I have never learned in class. So if I have an oppoutunity, I’d like to visit old people’s home to clean up for them. I’d also like to help sick kids in hospital. I love kids and I plan to put my love to good use by working in hospital. In a word, I’d like to help people who need help. If everyone helps out a bit, the world will be more colorful.

    中考英语作文范文:3.My opinion on Internet

    Hello, everyone! As you know, many students like to work on the Internet. Of course, it can bring us many good things. We can learn more knowledge outside our books, practice our spoken English with someone else and look up some useful information.

    At the same time, it can bring us some bad things as well. Some students have made too many friends, seen some bad information that is not good for us and spent too much time on it. We should know what to do and what not to do.

    That’s my idea. Thank you for listening!

    me ing
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